M&Y prides itself on being one of the most progressive companies in China. We have an employee stock ownership plan and have an internal team specifically tasked to employee welfare. As a rapidly growing company, we offer real career growth to our people, promoting from within whenever possible. Our 100% performance related pay attracts high quality talent who are internally motivated to succeed. M&Y has won numerous awards for management of human capital including most recently:

  • Outstanding Organization on Comprehensive Management of Social Security by the Daqing High Technology Zone Social Security Committee in 2008
  • The Pioneer Union by Daqing Labor Union in 2008 and 2009

M&Y’s training program covers the required skills for specific roles and job functions but also introduces international business principles. For those who perform well, M&Y offers the opportunities to further develop their personal skills and work internationally. In addition to two months of induction training, each agent receives two hours a week of ongoing training. M&Y has found this ongoing training to be vital to keeping the organization high performing.

M&Y understands that keeping its people is vital to the success of M&Y. Beyond the commitment to our staff demonstrated through our housing policies, M&Y has multiple ways of rewarding staff of all levels, focusing on both individual rewards and team rewards on an ongoing basis. In addition, because the vast majority of agents live in M&Y housing, M&Y is able to foster a sense of community through initiatives outside of the office. For example, M&Y sponsors regular social events, including parties for all major festivals, trips to theatrical productions and sporting events. We also provide for extracurricular activities such as dance and music classes and gym membership.

  • M&Y’s highest employee award
  • Chosen on the basis of commitment or improvement beyond what is expected
  • Employees vote on what the award should be
  • Most recent award was a 24 carat gold medal
  • Recipients also receive M&Y shares in recognition to their contribution