The banking sector has finally started to stabilize after the most difficult banking crisis since the Great Depression. Large global banks have led the global sourcing wave by being the first industry to offshore BPO services on a large scale to India. However, now many are looking to diversify risk of India and simultaneously, investigating entering new markets.

M&Y can help on both fronts. M&Y has extensive banking experience including engagements with companies such as HSBC’s joint venture in China and Global Payments. In addition, we have the global delivery capability and experience not found in most Chinese BPO companies; so you can be comfortable adding China as a sourcing destination. M&Y offers the following services in the Banking space:


  • Cheque Processing
  • Lock-box Processing
  • Merchant Payment Processing/Administration
  • New Account Set-Up and Maintenance
  • Credit Card Operations
  • Telesales

Loan Origination

  • Loan Processing
  • Loan Closing and Funding
  • Post-closing

Loan Servicing

  • Welcome Calls
  • Collections
  • Customer Service
  • Payoffs
  • Title/Recording Retrieval


M&Y Banking Experience

  • 600+ FTE’s dedicated to the Banking vertical
  • Trusted with multiple processes for the credit card joint venture between HSBC and Bank of Communications
  • Developed custom MIS and document retrieval system specifically for Banking vertical