The construction industry has been hit particularly hard during this past recession and is unlikely to ever reach prior levels that were fuelled by liberal financing. As a result, construction companies will have to permanently restructure their operations to be more cost effective. Outsourcing certain back-office processes can help reduce costs, streamline processes and manage demand fluctuations inherent in the construction industry. M&Y offers the following services in the construction space:

Supply-Chain Management

  • Raw Materials Sourcing
  • Component Procurement
  • Inventory Control
  • Warehousing

Vendor Management

  • Vendor Research & Analysis
  • Requisition Processing & Administration
  • Monitoring Service Contracts


Why Should Construction Companies Outsource?

  • Ability to focus on core activities instead of being weighed down with administrative difficulties
  • Manage demand peaks and valleys inherent in the construction industry
  • Gain access to new technology with minimal investment
  • Minimize investment in infrastructure
  • Decrease operating costs significantly