The insurance sector has finally started to stabilize after the most difficult banking crisis since the Great Depression. Large insurance companies, particularly U.K. based companies were pioneers in global sourcing having offshored significant amount of processing work to India. However, now many are looking at:

  • Diversifying India country risk by adding new countries to their sourcing mix
  • Entering new markets as growth in world population over the next thirty years will not come from western countries

M&Y can help on both fronts. M&Y has extensive insurance experience including a performing multiple processes for clients such as China Pacific Insurance Company and Minsheng Life Insurance company. In addition, we have the global delivery capability and experience not found in most Chinese BPO companies; you can be comfortable adding China to your sourcing strategy. M&Y offers the following services in the Insurance space:

  • New Business
  • Policy Set-Up
  • Policy Changes
  • Premium Processing
  • Claims Processing
  • Payment Processing
  • Agency Management


M&Y Insurance Experience

  • Trusted by China‚Äôs most prominent insurance companies such as China Pacific Insurance and Minsheng Life Insurance
  • Developed custom MIS and document retrieval system specifically for Insurance vertical
  • Perform end-to-end new contract processes for multiple insurance clients including mailroom, scanning, indexing, QA and data capture