Non-profits have been hit particularly hard during the recent recession, being forced to look at new ways to operate more efficiently and fundraise creatively. At M&Y we have extensive experience in assisting non-profits in a breadth of operational areas. We not only perform many of the back-office processes of a non-profit, but also offer technical solutions to increase the efficiency of the processes. In addition M&Y is ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified, the two highest certifications worldwide for security so you can rest assured, your data is secure.

  • Processing New Sponsor Applications and Donation Forms
  • Processing Financial Donor Information including Bank Verifications Payment Processing etc.
  • Creation and Management of Donor Databases
  • Fundraising Campaign Management including Raffles, Lotteries & Auctions
  • Managing responses from Direct & Email Campaigns
  • Document & Mail Room Management including Scanning and Data capture Solutions
  • Contact Centre Support to manage campaigns and general Customer Service
  • Deployment of Procurement Solutions
  • Finance & Accounting

Why Should Non-Profits Outsource?

  • Manage more effectively resource peaks and valleys caused by the nature of fundraising campaigns
  • Gain access to new technology with minimal investment
  • Minimize investment in infrastructure
  • Decrease operating costs significantly
  • Ability to focus on core activities such as fundraising