Retail & Ecommerce

In the competitive landscape of 2010 and beyond, retailers understand that they need to focus on differentiation. Many times that differentiation comes through excellent customer service. How can retailers invest adequately in CRM while catering to an even more cost-conscious consumer?

Outsourcing certain customer related functions can give CRM the focus it needs cost effectively. In addition, outsourcing back-office functions such as F&A and HR can help lower overall company costs, allowing retailers to focus their attention on delivering and selling products. M&Y offers the following services to their Retail & Ecommerce clients:


  • Online campaign management
  • Telesales
  • Chat Sales
  • Order Taking & Fulfilment

Customer Care

  • Customer support (Multi-channel)
  • Feedback Management


Why Should Retail Companies Outsource?

  • Increase CRM initiatives cost effectively
  • Manage seasonal peaks and valleys inherent in the retail industry
  • Gain access to new technology with minimal investment
  • Decrease operating costs significantly
  • Ability to focus on core retailer activities