Logistics & Transportation

During the recent recession, many logistics companies made dramatic cuts to their organization and renegotiated rates with fewer sets of suppliers. When the demand comes back and volumes pick up, shippers managing logistics may find themselves falling short, paying a premium and or having trouble moving goods on schedule.

By outsourcing, many companies can improve service levels at a reduced cost, especially given today’s competitive environment. Outsourcing also allows companies to make quicker changes to unanticipated shifts in demand by the ability to access a set of variable resources. M&Y offers services in the following areas for in-house and third-party logistics companies:

  • Customer Service
  • Documentation
  • Operations
  • Origin Agent Processing


Why Outsource Logistics?

  • Access to variable supply to manage unanticipated demand
  • Gain access to new technology with minimal investment
  • Minimize investment in infrastructure
  • Decrease operating costs significantly