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Our customer is a global leader in direct marketing and face-to-face customer acquisition with in excess of over 8,000 field staff serving 21 countries. Their unrivaled ability to generate brand awareness and unprecedented growth in new customers has been enjoyed by market leading companies from industries such as Finance, Insurance, Charities, Utilities, and Telecommunications. In order to achieve maximum commercial value, our client decided to outsource the data capture and processing of all new customer acquisition contracts to M&Y Global Services.


  • Offered consistent data capture process across multiple languages
  • Achieved turnaround time of 3 hours for certain documents
  • Achieved 99.95% accuracy on data entry
  • Improved client conversion and billing cycles significantly


When our client decided to outsource administration of customer contracts to us, our client wanted a partner with the following credentials:

  1. Proven ability to process large volumes of application forms and contracts from multiple sources
  2. Adherence to tight turnaround times while maintaining the highest level of data quality
  3. Provide a secure environment that would allow both commercially and ethically sensitive data to be received
  4. Offered the same capture process solution across multiple languages.

The M&Y Solution

M&Y created a customized data capture form for processing based on various requirements according to the industry our clients occupied. M&Y provided a dedicated area within our global delivery center in Daqing (North China) to provide the highest quality, most time efficient and cost effective data capture services for our client. Specifically, we created a dedicated server to our client to store uploaded and scanned documents. With these dedicated servers, we were able to provide a 4 hour turnaround time throughout various countries.


  • Cost effective and customized operation: we achieved 99.95% accuracy and a 3-24 hour turnaround.
  • Improved conversion and billing cycles
  • Improved efficiency by implementing communication control, robust security infrastructure, and process improvement
  • Added the ability to support a global service offering across multiple languages

By engaging in a long term, strategic partnership with M&Y, our client has significantly reduced their cost per contract and the billing cycle. In addition to cost savings, M&Y’s new efficient process reduced the length of time between the receipt of a potential new customer’s data and the conversion into a qualified new customer.