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Our client formed a joint venture to launch a new co-branded credit card in the booming Chinese market place. As part of their strategic cooperation agreement they wanted to capitalize on the emerging credit card market and become the leading domestic credit card issuer in China. However, in 2005 when its credit card center was established, this joint venture fell far behind other banks in both the volume of cards issued and the speed of issuing cycle.


  • Rapidly scaled up to 900 FTEs in just 2 months
  • Managed large swings in volume
  • Reduced FTE Count by 30%
  • Reduced overall card issuance turnaround time by 50%


Our client was lagging behind while the market was expanding so they decided to look at outsourcing certain processes to increase speed and efficiency of their new operations. Our client had the following objectives, to:

  • Better manage huge volume variances
  • Improve credit card processing time
  • Reduce costs in data process and management

The M&Y Solution

M&Y designed a customized solution comprising of three major components: document mail room, document scanning and data capture. The first two components are performed in a dedicated scanning center run by M&Y at the client’s credit card center in Shanghai. The data capture component is processed at two M&Y global delivery centers. We also constructed robust communication protocols and system networks to guarantee critical turnaround times and maximum security. Finally, we established dedicated private communications lines (DDN) between Shanghai and our delivery centers to transmit image and data files.


  • Rapidly scaled up to 900 FTEs in just 2 months
  • Reduced FTE Count from their current operations by 30%
  • Reduced overall card issuance turnaround time by 50% by implementing a new non-paper online solution
  • Improved efficiency by implementing communication control, robust security infrastructure, and process improvement

As a result of the success of outsourcing document management processing to M&Y, our client decided to outsource all of their non-core back-office business processes to M&Y including information verification and the credit card approval process. We have approximately 900 FTE dedicated to our client performing 5 different processes.